Fraction Flip Chart

This morning I made my Fraction Flip Chart. It shows how to see the different fractions from a whole to 12th’s. I made it using my protractor. I drew a circle, then marked the lines where I had to draw. I did the division sum first to figure out what number of degrees each section would need to be. I laminated them next and Daddy used a treasury tag to hold them together. A whole circle is 360.

frac 1 frac 2 frac 3

frac 4


2 thoughts on “Fraction Flip Chart

  1. That took a lot of patience Austin. It reminded me too that I always loved using a protractor when I was young. I still have it as a keepsake with my art portfolio. Thank you for sharing your ideas


  2. Well, I never knew fractions could be so much fun. (Although your diagram really made me want a pizza!!) I felt very honoured to see the actual finished product. Daddy did a great job assembling it. What a great team you are. Keep on having maths fun! Sandy x


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