Balloon Race update

I’m excited to be writing an update of someone who has found a balloon and called us up, she is Miss M.Robinson and she found a balloon in Hastings. It traveled 28.7 miles.We think the other balloons have gone in the sea. I’d like them to float over the sea to the next country which is France!

Balloon Race map

More News.

We have heard from Mrs Salmon in Hastings and Jack sent us a message from St Leonards-on sea. He found number 11. So we have 3 now. All near the sea which means they are traveling a very long way.


4 thoughts on “Balloon Race update

  1. So sorry I wasn’t there for this magical event. I am so excited that Leo’s balloon has already been found in Hastings. I shall look forward to hearing more news. x


  2. Hi Austin
    This reminds me of Harry’s birthday! Every year we release the same number of balloons as he is years old! Last year one of them ended up in a field in Essex – a man and his dog found it whilst out walking one morning.


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