scrap book 21

I got my first Sudoku kit in the Summer holidays. I like sudoku because it involves lots of numbers and working. If there is a bigger grid it’s more complicated. If there is a smaller grid it is less complicated.

home made suduko

I made my own Sudoku. We made a grid with the answers then I made a grid and took some of the answers out.


4 thoughts on “Sudoku

  1. Gosh thats a good one Austin. I can do Sudoku but not the hard ones. Auntie Angie is AMAZING at them and can even the extreme ones. Which is funny really because she is rubbish at maths. Not that sudoku is maths. You could do sudoku with letters or symbols, it wouldnt matter.


  2. Hey! I LOVE Sudoku! I do the ones that have 5 grids and they all overlap!
    Next time I see you, I will come armed with a GIANT grid….
    Better start practicing…
    Auntie Angie x


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