I’ve been learning to play Chess recently and thought it would be fun to make up my own version.


K = King can move 1 space forward only.

S = Special cork, these can move 1 space in any direction.

A = The across cork. These can move side to side only.

1D & 2D = The diagonal corks. These can move diagonally only.

Here is the set up on the left. On the right Mummy has managed to put me in checkmate.


Mountain Formation

Here is how mountains are formed. Two tectonic plates move together very slowly and as they push together they are crumbled upwards and form a mountain. It happens over millions of years. Earths tallest Mountain is Mount Everest. Mount Everest is still growing because the two tectonic plates are still pushing together.

Here I am showing how this happens using A4 paper.


My Oxygen Atom model


I made this model of an Oxygen Atom. The middle is called the nucleus. It has protons and neutrons, 8 of each. It’s atomic number is 8. Within the first shell there are 2 electrons and in the outer shell there are 6 electrons.

Building a Universe


Years ago many scientists believed that the universe was infinite and unchanging. Now we know the universe was created in a giant explosion called the big bang. Lots of particles were flying around, these particles collided to form protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons collided to form atoms and atoms used their magnetic pull to capture electrons.


Next the atoms formed clouds of gas and dust, these started to circle around each other and then they started to collapse. Soon the core of all the dust and gas became so hot that it could sustain thermal nuclear fusion. Thermal nuclear fusion means that small atoms collide to form big atoms. A star the size of are sun will fuse up to carbon while more massive stars will fuse up to iron.



Now we’ve created stars we can form galaxies. The stars have a very strong magnetic field so they can pull themselves towards each other, as they pull they come closer and closer together soon they form a galaxy. This will keep on going to form lots and lots of galaxies.


Now atoms collide to form rocks and rocks will collide to form rocky planets. The leftover rocks collide to form a core gas and dust swirls around the core and the core uses its magnetic pull to grab the dust and gas this keeps on going until it forms a gas giant (like Jupiter), the ice giants(like Uranus) are formed in the same way as rocky planets do. Our solar system contains planets called mercury, Venus, earth, mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.



We’ve got everything you have in a universe and so you might be thinking how it will end. Some people believe that dark energy may be the driving force, if so the universe will rip apart. However some people believe that dark matter is the driving force if so the universe will collapse in on itself. Very few people believe that both of the forces are balanced but if so the universe will become infinite.


So that was the end of a tutorial of the universes time line I hope you enjoyed reading this and you learned a lot so goodbye.