The Immune System

I have been watching videos about the Immune System recently and I decided to do a Power Point on it. I hope you like it.



I’ve been learning to play Chess recently and thought it would be fun to make up my own version.


K = King can move 1 space forward only.

S = Special cork, these can move 1 space in any direction.

A = The across cork. These can move side to side only.

1D & 2D = The diagonal corks. These can move diagonally only.

Here is the set up on the left. On the right Mummy has managed to put me in checkmate.

Mountain Formation

Here is how mountains are formed. Two tectonic plates move together very slowly and as they push together they are crumbled upwards and form a mountain. It happens over millions of years. Earths tallest Mountain is Mount Everest. Mount Everest is still growing because the two tectonic plates are still pushing together.

Here I am showing how this happens using A4 paper.